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Diamond Sawing

LPT offers diamond sawing in addition to laser scribing and machining. Diamond sawing produces edges of superior quality and high precision for applications such as wrap-around printing. Diamond sawing is also the best way to cut substrate arrays into very small parts. We use various blade

K&S Model 984-6
compositions, blade widths

and diamond grit sizes for cutting different materials to optimize cut quality and minimize chipping & pull-outs, therefore obtaining high yields. LPT's state-of-the-art diamond sawing capabilities offer an economical solution for the most stringent design requirements.

When applications require a combination of process technologies, LPT's optical alignment systems provide tight tolerance registration from internal features within each substrate. This allows us the option to provide Laser Drilling, Laser Machining and Diamond Sawing on each component.


  • Alumina
  • Aluminum nitride
  • Beryllium oxide
  • Green ceramic
  • Ferrite
  • Sapphire
  • Quartz
  • Lithium niobate
  • Silicon
  • Others
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Diamond Sawing
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  • Table Travel: 8.0"
  • Effective Cut length: 8.0"x8.0"
  • Accuracy and repeatability: 0.0001" (2.5 microns)
  • Optics resolution: 0.0001" (2.5 microns)
  • Blade diameter: 4.6"
  • Smallest part size: .020"x.020"x.010"
  • Substrate thickness: .005" to .200"
  • Kerf widths: .004" to .020"
  • Mounting of parts: wax, adhesive or UV tape
  • De-ionized water wash


  • .001" finished part dimensions
  • .001" squareness and perpendicularity
  • .001" alignment from fiducials or internal features
  • Kerf width tolerances 0.0004"
  • Tighter tolerances are available upon request


  • Prototype to high volume production
  • Qualification at no charge
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Packaging in waffle packs, custom trays, shrink-wrap or bulk


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Laser Cutting Expertise

High Precision, High Quality, High Volume Applications

500 Watts CO2 Laser Systems with multiple heads that scribe and drill over a 17" workspace

Diamond Sawing

High purity ceramics (96%, 99%, Al2O3), plastics, metals and other exotic materials

Ability to import CAD Data in nearly any format

Quality Assurance provides for process inspection from start to finish

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