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New Solutions

Markets demand features smaller and closer together

With our new laser capability, LPT can provide leading edge technology to accommodate these demands to the great benefit of our customers. Normally design guidelines limit feature spacing to be equal to material thickness, a 1:1 ratio. With our new laser systems, we can space features at half the material thickness, a ratio of 0.5:1.

Quick turn around

Sometimes desperate times call for expedited services. LPT has numerous solutions to ensure your custom product ships in time to meet those more critical deadlines.

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We believe customer satisfaction is the foundation of LPT’s continued success. We are committed to enhancing satisfaction by continually improving services, quality and value provided to the customer.

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With nearly 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, and a development team only a call away, contact LPT today. We can turn your ideas and concepts into reality!

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The “heat-affected” zone (HAZ) and the taper inherent in the laser machining process is significantly reduced


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